About Us

FancySymbol.com is a cool symbols and fancy text generator website. The website lets you create beautiful and cool symbols. There are lots of categories for symbols to choose from. There are thousands of symbols that you may need in your design projects, social media profiles, documents, blogs etc.

Our website provides fancy and cool symbols for your social media networks. You will find symbols such as Heart Symbols, Star Symbols, Geometric Symbols, Aesthetic Symbols, Phonetic Symbols, Cute Symbols, Currency Symbols, Alt Codes, Bullet Point Symbols, Unit Symbols etc.

Fancy Symbol also provides cool fancy text generator tool that generates cool fonts for your social media networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Twitch etc.

You will find cool alphabet symbols in other scripts as well such as in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Latin, German, French etc.

Use this website to create awesome social media posts, bio, profiles using cool symbols and fancy text tools. You may use them in your online and offline documents.