Superscript and Subscript Symbols To Copy Paste ² ₃ ⁿ

Collection of Superscript and Subscript numbers and symbols. These numbers and symbols are mostly used in mathematical and science studies.

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² ³
Superscripts are those little numbers or symbols that appear slightly above the baseline of a line of text, like the exponent in math equations (e.g., x²). On the other hand, subscripts are characters that sit slightly below the baseline, often used in chemical formulas (think H₂O). These tiny adjustments might seem insignificant, but they can make a world of difference in how your text looks and communicates.

Each superscript and subscript character has its own Unicode code point. For example, the superscript ² is represented by the Unicode code point U+00B2, while the subscript ₂ is represented by U+2082.

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