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Satanic symbols and emojis represent various aspects of Satanic, demonic, witchcraft and occult beliefs and are often used in different contexts. Below is the series of satanic, evil or occult symbols to copy paste.

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ψ 🔱 💀 ⚰️ 👹 👺 👿 🤬 😡 🧛‍♂️ 🧛‍♀️ 🦇 🧄 🧟‍♂️ 🧟‍♀️ 👻 🎃 ⁶⁶⁶ 🐐

Here's a brief overview:
Pentagram: The inverted pentagram, a five-pointed star with one point facing downward, is one of the most recognizable Satanic symbols. It is often associated with the goat-headed deity Baphomet and represents rebellion, defiance, and the rejection of traditional religious norms.
Baphomet: Baphomet is a goat-headed, winged deity often associated with Satanism and the occult. Its image is sometimes used as a symbol of Satanic worship and esoteric knowledge.
Inverted Cross: The inverted cross is a reversal of the Christian cross, symbolizing a rejection of Christian values and an embrace of anti-Christian or Satanic beliefs.
Sigils: Sigils are symbols created through occult practices, often used in Satanic rituals. They are believed to represent and channel specific energies or entities.
Satanic Emojis: Some people use emojis to express their affiliation with Satanic beliefs or simply to convey a rebellious or dark aesthetic. Commonly used emojis in this context include the goat emoji 🐐, the devil emoji 😈, and the skull emoji 💀.

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