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Punctuation symbols are characters that are used to separate words, phrases, or clauses in written language. They are used to indicate the structure of a sentence, and to indicate the intonation and emphasis that should be used when reading a sentence aloud.

Some of the most common punctuation symbols include:
Period (.): used to indicate the end of a sentence.
Comma (,): used to separate items in a list or to separate clauses in a sentence.
Semicolon (;): used to separate independent clauses in a sentence.
Colon (:): used to introduce a list or a quotation.
Question mark (?): used to indicate a question.
Exclamation point (!): used to indicate surprise or emphasis.
Quotation marks (" "): used to indicate spoken or quoted text.
Parentheses ( ) and Brackets [ ]: used to set off supplementary information in a sentence or to indicate certain types of data such as footnotes or citations.
Hyphen (-) and Dash (—): used to connect words or to indicate a range of values or a change of thought.
Ellipsis (...): used to indicate a trailing off or an omission of text.

These symbols are used to make written text clear, easy to read and understand. They are used in many forms of written communication, such as books, articles, and emails.

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