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Musical symbols are characters or images that are used to indicate specific instructions or information in sheet music, such as the pitch, rhythm, and harmony of a piece of music.

Some of the most common musical symbols include:
Clefs: such as the G clef and the F clef
Notes: such as whole notes, half notes, and quarter notes
Rests: such as whole rests, half rests, and quarter rests
Time signatures: such as 4/4, 3/4, and 6/8
Accidentals: such as sharps (#) and flats (♭)
Articulation marks: such as staccato (.) and legato (/)
Dynamics: such as forte (f) and piano (p)
Tempo marks: such as allegro (fast) and adagio (slow)

These symbols are used to indicate how the music should be played, and are typically found in sheet music for instruments such as piano, guitar, and violin. They help musicians to understand the rhythm, melody, harmony, and interpretation of a piece of music.

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