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Line symbols are characters or images that are used to represent lines or line segments, which are basic geometric shapes. They are used in various fields such as mathematics, engineering, physics, and computer science.

Some examples of line symbols include:
Mathematical symbols: such as 𝑙 (line), || (parallel lines), ╱╱ (perpendicular lines)
Engineering and physics symbols: such as ⌕ (wave line), ⌒ (circular arc), ⌓ (curve line)
Computer science and programming symbols: such as – (minus or hyphen), _ (underscore), | (pipe), / (forward slash)
Flowchart and diagram symbols: such as ➊ (number 1 with horizontal line), ➋ (number 2 with horizontal line), ➌ (number 3 with horizontal line), ➍ (number 4 with horizontal line)

These symbols are used in various technical fields to express specific concepts, measurements, or notations, and are used in technical documents, diagrams, and schematics, as well as in programming languages.

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