Italian Alphabets Letters, Vowels and Symbols to Copy Paste

Cool and Fancy Italian Alphabet Letters, Accented Vowels and Symbols to copy paste anywhere online.
Simply click on a letter/ symbol to copy.
À È É Ì Ò Ù à è é ì ò ù

Collection of Italian Alphabet letters, accented vowels,symbols to copy paste anywhere you want. Simply click on a Italian alphabet letter/symbol to copy it to the clipboard and paste it anywhere. There are thousands of cool symbols to choose from.

Italian Alphabet Type Unicode
ÀUppercase Accent Grave (A)U+0192
ÈUppercase Accent Grave (E)U+0200
ÉUppercase Accent Acute (E)U+0201
ÌUppercase Accent Grave (I)U+0204
ÒUppercase Accent Grave (O)U+0210
ÙUppercase Accent Grave (U)U+0217
àLowercase Accent Grave (a)U+0224
èLowercase Accent Grave (e)U+0232
éLowercase Accent Acute (e)U+0233
ìLowercase Accent Grave (i)U+0236
òLowercase Accent Grave (o)U+0242
ùLowercase Accent Grave (a)U+0249