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Fraction symbols are characters or images that are used to represent a mathematical concept called a fraction. A fraction is a way to express a quantity that is not a whole number as the ratio of two numbers. The two numbers are called the numerator and the denominator.

The most common fraction symbol is a horizontal line, called a fraction bar, which separates the numerator and the denominator.

Another way to represent a fraction is with the use of the slash symbol / (forward slash) to represent the fraction bar. For example, 1/2 can be written as 1/2.

There are also other ways to represent fractions such as by using the word "over" to indicate the fraction. For example, 1/2 can be written as "one over two".

These symbols are used to express fractions in various forms of written communication, such as books, articles, and emails. They are also used in mathematical formulas, equations, and proofs, as well as in scientific and engineering applications.

Fraction Symbol Explanation Unicode Value
½ Vulgar Fraction One Half U+00BD
Vulgar Fraction One Third U+2153
Vulgar Fraction Two Thirds U+2154
¼ Vulgar Fraction One Quarter U+00BC
¾ Vulgar Fraction Three Quarters U+00BE
Vulgar Fraction One Fifth U+2155
Vulgar Fraction Two Fifths U+2156
Vulgar Fraction Three Fifths U+2157
Vulgar Fraction Four Fifths U+2158
Vulgar Fraction One Sixth U+2159
Vulgar Fraction Five Sixths U+215A
Vulgar Fraction One Seventh U+2150
Vulgar Fraction One Eighth U+215B
Vulgar Fraction Three Eighths U+215C
Vulgar Fraction Five Eighths U+215D
Vulgar Fraction Seven Eighths U+215E
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