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Dingbats are a type of typographical symbol that are used to add decorative elements to text. The term "dingbat" is believed to have originated from the printer's term for "printer's ornament" or "printer's character". They are also known as "wingdings" or "printer's flowers" in some places.

Dingbats typically consist of simple geometric shapes such as stars, arrows, bullets, and other simple shapes. They can be used in a variety of contexts, such as in headlines, titles, and other decorative elements in design. They are also used in document formatting to create bullet points, to separate sections or to add decorative ornaments.

Dingbats can be found in many different font families, and they can be accessed by using the keyboard or a special characters table.

Dingbats are symbols that are used in typography and are often referred as printer's ornaments or character. They are used in typesetting and are used often in computer industry. Collection of Dingbats symbols provided by Unicode. You can hover over each symbol to know its meaning. Clicking on a symbol/sign will copy it to your clipboard. Now just paste anywhere you want online or offline. There are thousands of cool fancy symbols to choose from.