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Unit symbols are a set of symbols that represent different units of measurement. They are used to indicate the specific unit of measurement for a given quantity, such as length, mass, time, temperature, and more.

Some examples of unit symbols include:
Length: m (meter), cm (centimeter), ft (foot)
Mass: kg (kilogram), g (gram), lb (pound)
Time: s (second), min (minute), hr (hour)
Temperature: °C (degree Celsius), °F (degree Fahrenheit), K (Kelvin)
Energy: J (joule), cal (calorie), eV (electronvolt)
Electric Current: A (ampere), mA (milliampere)
Luminous Intensity: cd (candela)
Amount of substance: mol (mole)

These symbols are used in various fields such as physics, engineering, chemistry, biology, and many others. It's important to use the correct unit symbol for the quantity being measured, so that the measurement is accurate and can be easily understood by others.

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