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Currency symbols are characters that are used to represent a specific currency. They are used to indicate the monetary value of a particular item, or to express financial or economic information.

Some of the most common currency symbols include:
Dollar sign: $
Euro sign: €
Pound sign: £
Yen sign: ¥
Indian Rupee Sign: ₹
Bitcoin Sign: ฿

These symbols are used in various forms of written and digital communication, such as financial documents, spreadsheets, and online transactions. They are also used in various forms of printed materials such as receipts, bills, and invoices.

Currency Symbol Explanation Unicode Value
Euro Sign U+20AC
$ Dollar Sign U+0024
Cruzeiro Sign U+20A2
French Franc Sign U+20A3
£ Pound Sign U+00A3
Lira Sign U+20A4
Mill Sign U+20A5
Naira Sign U+20A6
Peseta Sign U+20A7
Rupee Sign U+20A8
Won Sign U+20A9
New Sheqel Sign U+20AA
Dong Sign U+20AB
Kip Sign U+20AD
Tugrik Sign U+20AE
Drachma Sign U+20AF
German Penny Sign U+20B0
Peso Sign U+20B1
Guarani Sign U+20B2
Austral Sign U+20B3
Hryvnia Sign U+20B4
Cedi Sign U+20B5
Livre Tournois Sign U+20B6
Spesmilo Sign U+20B7
Tenge Sign U+20B8
Indian Rupee Sign U+20B9
Turkish Lira Sign U+20BA
Nordic Mark Sign U+20BB
Manat Sign U+20BC
Russian Ruble Sign U+20BD
Lari Sign U+20BE
Bitcoin Sign U+20BF
Collection of various currency symbols to copy and paste. Currency symbols such as Euro Symbol, Cent Symbol, Dollar Symbol, Pound Sign. Just click on a cent, dollar, euro, pound symbol to copy it to the clipboard and paste it anywhere. There are thousands of cool fancy symbols to choose from.